What not to wear to a CPR class

CPR classes are often a requirement for work.  Sometimes these classes are scheduled on your day off.  While a cpr class on your day can be an inconvenience it is worth it to plan your day.  For instance, don’t give blood or get a blood test before your class.  Your Cpr class will include doing compressions.   Compressions are not recommended after blood draws.  It would be ok to have blood work done after class.  Another thing to consider is lipstick.  Lipstick will make the instructor frown.  While lipstick may be very attractive on you is not attractive on the mask or manikin.  Lipstick on the manikins is frowned upon.  Can you imagine how you would react to the stain of a previous student’s lipstick on the manikin you are about to learn how to give rescue breaths on?  Gross?  And you don’t know where that other student’s mouth has been and there is a remnant of them left behind!  Low cut shirts and sun dresses can lead to potential embarrassment.  Imagine kneeling next to your manikin ready to start compressions and having yourself fall out of your shirt or sundress!  Think of the young gentlemen in your class.  Such distraction does not help learn life saving skills.  It would be embarrassing for you and your classmates.    Short shorts, dresses and skirts, oh my!  You will be getting down on the floor and up off the floor.  I tell you truthfully!  No one wants to see that.  That is not your best angle or end!  Not picture perfect.  Those in favor of loose fitting pants, please remember they fall down. Think about all the times you have pulled them up. This time wear fitting pants.  No one wants that view either.  These are things to consider especially if you are taking this class with your coworkers. You don’t want your coworkers to smirk every time they see you after class.  To review, things not to wear to a CPR class are: lipstick, sundresses, low cut shirts, short shorts, skirts, and loose low riders.  Dress according to the activity.  You will be on the floor.  Wear comfortable clothing for getting up and down.  A little bit of planning goes a long way.


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