Pool Safety

Earlier this year the Gilbert Arizona Fire Department said that CPR saved a 6 yr old. The child was in a community pool at the Coronado Apartments on March 14, 2015. His cousin pulled him from the water and a bystander gave CPR. The child regained consciousness and was taken to a nearby hospital.

The refreshing waters of the pool can turn into a nightmare if safety rules are not in place. There should always be someone on the look out. The unexpected happens more frequently than we realize.

Pool side beverages should be in plastic not glass containers. It is difficult to see and clean up broken glass in water.

Belly flops are fun, however, bumped heads are not. A misguided dive into the pool could land you on top of another swimmer injuring both of you. Jumping in to shallow water can cause serious head and spinal injuries.

Toddlers often find their way to the pool when no one is looking. You only have a few minutes to find them before there is a tragedy. Safety fences are a must when toddlers are on the premises. Even if you have given your toddler swimming lessons never assume it is ok to leave the pool are open.

If someone hits their head and is unconscious they could drown in two inches of water.

Drowning is quick and silent. It can happen within three minutes. Drowning victims often appear to be floating. When a drowning victim is deprived of oxygen hypoxia occurs. Hypoxia is a lack of oxygen and can cause a cardiac arrest. A cardia arrest stops the heart. With no blood and oxygen flowing brain death will occur within four to six minutes. CPR with rescue breaths saves lives.

Swimmers who have inhaled water often experience what is called “2nd drowning” This occurs when inhaled water in the lungs causes edema or swelling. When the lungs alveoli are filled with water they not exchange oxygen. This causes the heart to slow and blood oxygen levels drops. Inhaling pool water can also cause chemical pneumonitis. Secondary oxygen and antibiotics ensure a full recovery.

October of last year 11yr old Sklyar Berry went to a friend’s pool birthday party in California, One of the 6th graders party guests went under the water but did not come back up. When he was pulled out of the pool Skylar checked for a pulse. Not finding one, she began CPR. The young boy survived. Skylar learned CPR at Fire Camp. Now she is on a mission to teach CPR to her classmates.

Drowning accidents happen without warning. Learning CPR and keeping up with the new changes is the best way to ensure an accident is just a close call!


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