The light and the weight

Words.  The Missing Persons’ song, “Words,” asks “what are words for when no one is listening….”  It seems some pay no attention to what they are saying and most often only listen to what is being said to them.  It is almost expected that directions need to repeated for them to be heard.  It is too bad that words are invisible.  It would make my point clearer if words were colored light.  Imagine positive words being spoken glowed pastel or neon colors into your environment.  Now imagine every angry or negative word emitted dark heavy colors.  Try remembering your last conversation.  What colors would have the spoken words emitted?  Is your room now dark or bright?  How about the TV?  If the words coming out of your TV filled your room with color, would it be dark or light?  Spoken words can’t be taken back.  Once they are out, they have their effect.  Their effect can last for years.  Words can begin a friendship that lasts a lifetime or can end one in seconds.  Spoken words have great power and yet they are hardly weighed or considered.  Do you know that constant complainer that drains the energy out of a room when they enter it?  Even though words don’t have color you can feel words.  If words can create stress and tension in a room, what effect do they have on your health?  In my next article I will explore the health effects of stress and our internal dialogue.

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