Happy people have happy hearts.  Life however is difficult.  It is possible to choose to be happy even when life is at it’s worst.  Once the decision is made to be happy despite the circumstance,  the next step is to make a plan.  Keeping the plan simple is the key.  Let’s say you love coffee.  Maybe you also love chocolate.  Plan to add a spoonful of cocoa to your coffee and make it a mochaccino.  The cocoa does not even add calories unless you also add sugar and cream.  The plan is to have a simple pleasure to look forward to that is achievable.  Now that there is something to look forward to, let’s add purpose.  Maybe you love plants.  Volunteer or join a garden club. Become a 4H leader.  Do you love animals?  The animal shelters always need help.  Have you always wanted to learn a new language?  Now is the time.  We all need to be part of something.  Human nature needs to contribute and needs to have something to look forward to for a contented life.  It is wonderful to have a job that you love.  It is better to have that job and to offer ourselves to something that refreshes us.

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